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The Living Out Loud Program is a one-of-a-kind year long adventure to becoming--and attracting--the love of your life.

Living Out Loud is a unique program that puts 100% of the focus on you. Think of this as a relationship prep course--except that instead of focusing on the relationship, we focus on you blossoming, opening, healing, and loving who you are.


We focus on your relationship with YOU.


This is the very best way to prepare for the partnership you’ve dreamed of--a partnership with someone that you can be yourself with in every way. A man that will appreciate your confidence, support your dreams, and be there when you need to let go of the wheel and just be cared for.

One of the best parts of the Living Out Loud program is that you’ll be having all of these breakthroughs and adventures with women who are just like you--women who are smart and who put a priority on loving themselves.


You’ll be supported, make new friends (many who live near you!), and have a lot of fun.

The magic of this program is that you open up and grow in community with the other like-minded women.

When you open up to loving yourself and others, it's important that you do this in relationship with others. That's why this program is so wonderful, because it's through that back and forth relating with other people--learning how to support and be supported, give and receive, be vulnerable and allow others to be vulnerable with you--that a loving relationship is no longer an image that you're holding in your mind, but an experience.

You'll really know how it feels to be loved. To be safely vulnerable. To open up and let someone see you, so you can really learn that the right people won't run for the hills when you show them those deep parts of yourself. 

This community is the best way to feel this now, so you can bring it into a partnership when it comes to you.

The Living Out Loud Program includes 12 monthly workshops + private coaching to support your journey.

Here are the workshops you'll be experiencing in the program:

Relationships require time, energy, and focus. If you want the space of a loving relationship, this is the time to create the space to be your most loving partner to yourself.

We'll dive deep into sacred self-care not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.  You'll reconnect with yourself and feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

Sacred Self-Care

Stuck in a money rut?  Whether it’s not enough or a constant fluctuation, our relationship with the greatest tool of all time reveals quite a few beliefs—especially subconscious beliefs—about ourselves and our sense of worth.  


How does one actually change their relationship with money? We'll go deep, clear out some old patterns, and turn up vibrations!

Men & Money

Competition, jealousy, criticism, judgment, betrayal—we’ve all acted in ways we’re not proud of, and all of these actions have been done to us! As women, we are often pitted against each other or feel threatened by one another.


This is where we open to truly supporting each other. We’ll discover what lifting each other up instead of climbing over one another or putting each other down really is.

Being the Divine Feminine

It can feel awkward and vulnerable to ask for what we need.  American culture promotes rugged independence and forging your own path by yourself.  


However, it takes a community to step up into your best life. Let’s talk about how to ask for help in a way that feels good to us and the receiver of the request.  

The Art of the Ask

Self-love begins with seeing who you are, loving what you see, and accepting the unique package that you’re born with so you can let someone else in to see you, too.

In this workshop, we'll explore total and complete self-love so you can begin to feel more confident, attractive, and powerful.

The Essence of Love

Who are you if there are no roles to define it?  How do you truly express yourself without fear or shame?


We'll explore how to embrace our unique way of expressing ourselves and learn how to channel our true nature into everyday life.

What the hell does Authenticity mean?

In an era in which the pressures to be “perfect” are continuously increasing with the goal posts constantly moving, we need to embrace our inner superwoman and focus on our individual core strengths.  

We’ll talk about letting go of the ever-increasing demands placed upon us and focus on our inner wisdom, passions, and individual talents. Learn how to express your specific wisdom and talent openly and genuinely.

What's your Superpower?

It’s happened to all of us.  We find ourselves feeling obligated to others or resentful when someone doesn’t live up to our own silent expectations. How do we give without expectation of receiving and vice versa? 


Clear communication is key to building trust in every relationship that you have so that you—and everyone in your life—can live without strings attached.

Love Without Strings

How do you feel about asking for your needs in a romantic relationship?


We’ll dive into what healthy relationships feel like, how to express our needs for intimacy whether sexual, physical, emotional, or spiritual.  

Sex and Intimacy

Do you often compromise your time and energy because you feel obligated to serve others ahead of yourself?  


We’ll talk about how to identify your boundaries and how to assert those boundaries in a way that feels good to you.  This fosters greater respect, healthy communication, and allows you to focus on what you actually enjoy and let go of that which no longer serves you.

Healthy Boundaries

“I’m too fat”, “I’m too skinny,” “no one will ever find me attractive.”  

We have all heard of body shaming and we have all been shamed.  How do we accept ourselves, love ourselves, and convince ourselves that we are beautiful just as we are?  

We’ll talk about body image and how we can support one another while growing to appreciate this body we came in that is allowing us to experience all that  life has to offer.

Do You Know How Beautiful You Are?

How do you become the person you’re hoping to find elsewhere?  

How do you become the heroine of your own story instead of pinning your needs, hopes and dreams on someone outside of yourself?  

We’ll discuss and reflect upon what breakthroughs in our inner world lead the way to creating an outer world that reflects who we truly are.

Being the one you Want

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